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Film Review: Hating Peter Tatchell is a vital look at LGBTIQ history

Glenn Dunks finds lots to love in this documentary now available in Australia and New Zealand on Netflix.

The poster for Hating Peter Tatchell asks the question: ‘saint or sinner?’ Like many of the best bio-docs about society’s radicals, the answer isn’t as simple as black or white. In fact, in this entertaining and informative documentary, director and co-producer Christopher Amos finds many of his film’s strongest moments in times of conflict, interrogating its subject’s methods at advancing the (then-coined) gay agenda.

Peter Tatchell has, after all, spent many stints in the cultural sinbin through the 1980s and 1990s as a vocal queer agitator to the homophobic British establishment under Thatcher and beyond. It wasn’t until his much-publicised citizen’s arrest of Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe in 2001 that broader public sentiment changed in his favour. Read the full article.


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