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Gay City News: A Trip Through UK Gay Leader’s Unparalleled Activism

Gay City News

By Andy Humm

The new Netflix documentary on United Kingdom-based gay human rights activist Peter Tatchell is a breathless 90-minute trip through just some of the great man’s 54 years of fearless activism on behalf of LGBTQ people and all those oppressed by dictators and bigots.

Tatchell’s most famous direct actions are documented: He took the pulpit from the Archbishop of Canterbury in his cathedral on Easter Sunday 1998 to decry Anglican opposition to legal gay relationships; exposed semi-closeted bishops in a pair of confrontations that brought him lots of hate; and made two attempts at a citizen’s arrest of Zimbabwean strongman Robert Mugabe, turning Tatchell into a national hero after he risked getting run over by Mugabe’s car and wound up getting beaten while shouting out the late president’s crimes against humanity. Read the full article.


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