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Hating Peter Tatchell Wins Major Award

Massive News! The International Sound and Film Music Festival have awarded The Crystal Pine Award for Best Documentary Score to Hating Peter Tatchell. Big congratulations to composers Andrew Barnabas and Paul Arnold (Bob & Barn) and the musicians involved.

Now the award-winning Hating Peter Tatchell Original Soundtrack is available for you to stream online including at Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify - just search ‘Hating Peter Tatchell’. Enjoy!

Director Christopher Amos first met Bob & Barn in 2015 at Cannes Film Festival where he pitched this documentary to them, all those moons ago. Cut to May 2019 and the team is greenlit to work together to create this beautiful composition. Chris Amos was in Castlemaine, Australia editing the film and Bob & Barn in the UK. Incredibly they created the score for Hating Peter Tatchell working under COVID-19 lockdown restrictions. The whole score was produced within a zippy short 2 months!

After numerous zoom calls with the director workshopping various musical choices, Bob & Barn composed the entire score for the film digitally, timecoded to match the picture lock cut. Typically, then the composers & musicians would come together and record in a studio, however, this was not an option. Therefore, the music was turned into sheet music, emailed to the musicians to record independently in their home studios in different parts of the world. They all emailed back their individual musical contributions to be mixed together. Then in post-production, the tracks were incorporated into the documentary’s online edit.

A further big thanks and appreciation goes to Charlie Parsons who funded the original composition score for Hating Peter Tatchell.

Christopher Amos, "I am beyond chuffed to see Hating Peter Tatchell win The Crystal Pine Award for Best Documentary Score. Listening back to the soundtrack on Spotify I still get goosebumps."


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