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New documentary Hating Peter Tatchell looking at the controversial LGBTQ+ activist hits Netflix

Media: Gay Community News (GCN)

Writer: Ella Bowler

"A new Netflix documentary, Hating Peter Tatchell, chronicling the activist’s 54 years of LGBTQ+ and other human rights campaigning, is out Thursday May 20.

This documentary gives an intimate perspective on Tatchell’s life as a campaigner, through rare archive footage and one-to-one conversations. It includes an intimate conversation between Tatchell and Ian McKellen alongside evocative interviews with the former Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey, actor Stephen Fry, the ex-head of Stonewall Angela Mason, 1970’s pop sensation Tom Robinson, former MP and Cabinet minister Chris Smith and photo journalist Adrian Arbib, who reported on some of Peter’s best known protests." Read the full story.


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