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‘No individual can change history. It is we, the people, who change history’

Morning Star

by Angus Reid

PETER TATCHELL speaks to Angus Reid about LGBT+ rights, gender politics and the urgent need to campaign to democratise the economy.

PETER TATCHELL is one of Britain’s best known political activists and human rights campaigners, and the recent film Hating Peter Tatchell on Netflix celebrates more than half a century of commitment to activism. “My aim,” he says, “was to show that social change is possible and how it can be done. I hope the film will inspire a new generation of change-makers.”

He grew up in a tough working-class family in Australia, poor even by working-class standards. Their income went to pay medical bills for his severely asthmatic mother. “I can remember coming home and there was no food in the house,” he says. “It gave me a strong sense of injustice. Why should we have to suffer just because our mother was ill?” Read the full article.


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