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‘No one can doubt he is on right side of history’


By Xindi Wei

Peter Tatchell is a gay, human rights activist whose name was vilified by the right-wing press during the Bermondsey by-election in 1983. The Liberal candidate Simon Hughes’ canvassers wore badges saying “Which Queen are you voting for?” As a new documentary, Hating Peter Tatchell, comes out on Netflix, XINDI WEI looks at the life of the man who organised London’s first gay pride march in 1972.

Peter Tatchell has endured 300 violent assaults because of his campaigns seeking social justice – and his bravery and the great lengths he goes through to fight for his beliefs are often overlooked in coverage of his protests.

Described by British singer-songwriter Tom Robinson in the documentary Hating Peter Tatchell, now streaming on Netflix, as a “brave motherf***er”, the 69-year-old has led a controversial life. Read the full article.


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