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Peter Tatchell has a “Christ-like” quality, says director of a movie about activist’s life

Queerty's David Hudson interviews director Christopher Amos about the making of Hating Peter Tatchell.

When the director of the new Netflix documentary, Hating Peter Tatchell, asked me if I’d watched the movie yet, I happened to be at home with my mom for a few days. She’s in her 80s, devoutly Catholic, and initially took a little while to adjust to the news that her son was gay.

Mom and I love each other dearly and are very close, but I didn’t think a documentary about the work of the veteran human rights campaigner – infamous for outing bishops and storming the pulpits of cathedrals – would be up her street.

When I returned home, and after watching the directorial debut from Australian filmmaker Christopher Amos, I was left wondering if I’d missed an opportunity to share something with her. Read the full article.


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