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Should the documentary ‘Hating Peter Tatchell’ have been called ‘On The Right Side of History'?

—Former Archbishop of Canterbury the victim one of Peter Tatchell’s most publicised gay rights protests years later said he was ‘on the right side of history’ and even compared him to Jesus! Written by Ronan Tynan.

Peter Tatchell for more than five decades has been the United Kingdom’s most consistent, fearless, creative and successful gay rights activist and human rights defender and the documentary about his life offered remarkable insights into how he moved from probably at times the most unpopular figure in Britain to what one contributor described as a ‘national treasure’! I first got to know Peter when I asked him to participate in the feature documentary ‘Syria — The Impossible Revolution’ because he was at times a lone voice on the left in the UK standing with Syrian democrats opposing the brutal Assad dictatorship while many of his friends and colleagues like the former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn were bizarrely backing his brutal tyranny! He rejected their Cold War rhetoric arguing the Left should be at the forefront in defending people bravely resisting being gunned down in peaceful protests in the streets and for that he suffered unbelievable abuse from many of his former comrades. His stand on Syria however is just typical of his fearlessness in taking unpopular stands which the documentary showed with such remarkable clarity. Read the full article.


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